Have you just signed up for a Facebook Business Page and wondering, “How do I quickly gain more Facebook Likes and Fans”?  If you don’t have a budget for Facebook advertising or the extra funds to hire a social media management company, you’re probably looking for some free ways to quickly grow your fans on Facebook.  Here’s the good news!  You can start immediately with your warm market and existing contacts.  Make sure your page doesn’t look like a ghost town when your new fans arrive by building a base of fans through your warm market.  There are plenty of ways to quickly grow your Facebook fans without spending a dime.

  1. Use Facebook’s tools and invite all of your personal Facebook friends to like the business page.  This one is easy. Especially if the page is for your personal business!  Although they might not be your target market, this will at least help give your page more likes and established credibility.
  2. Use Facebook’s built-in e-mail tool to invite your personal email contacts to connect with your business page.  As an admin of your Facebook business page, you will see an option to invite your e-mail contacts to “like” your page.  Take advantage of this tool and get the word out.
  3. Create a customized e-mail blast to your business contact list.(using tools like Constant Contact, Aweber, or iMail)  Be professional and very genuine! ASK for the likes and ASK for Shares.    Your business contacts will support you when they see you’re genuine about wanting to grow your page and share great content with them.
  4. Get your employees to jump in!

If you have employees, get them involved in the company’s Facebook business page.  Send out an e-mail or have a one-on-one discussion to show the new page and get their help.

  • Ask them to check that their current employment history on their personal Facebook page is correct.  Ensure that the company name is spelled correctly and linking to your officialFacebook business page.
  • Ask them to follow the same steps you used above.  Invite their own friends to the page.
  • Ask them to email to their business contacts and announce that their company is going social!
  • Show them how to share the page.  Don’t assume someone already knows how to do this.  You might want to schedule a group Facebook training sessionso that everyone in your organization can help each other.
  1. Promote your page on other social media networks.  Does your company already have a YouTube channel or Twitter?  Cross-promote networks and invite your existing fans to follow your business.
  2. Promote your page on your print materials.  Everything you hand out should indicate your business has a Facebook business page.  Think about flyers, business cards, post cards, and more.  Remember to provide a CALL-TO-ACTION of what they’ll actually get when they like your Facebook business page.  For example:  “Follow ABC Caterer for the latest news, delicious signature recipes, and chances to win a FREE catered business lunch!”

These simple steps will help you quickly build up a fan base for your Facebook business page.  Now you are ready to start sharing great content and connecting with new customers!