Your first instinct when you get going on social media might be to launch into a sales pitch. This can be a huge turn-off for followers, especially on Twitter. Try to imagine that you are at a party, and are chatting with friends and new acquaintances. You wouldn’t start the conversation with “Hey, buy my _______!” High pressure tactics will only cause people to unfollow you, or worse, report you to Twitter, who is notorious for suspending accounts if you appear too forceful or spammy to too many people.

Instead, make your tweets more like a conversation starter. Tweet posts relating to your industry, such as interesting articles or humorous pictures. This type of content is more engaging for users, and will lead to more interaction in the long run. It also shows that you are in touch with your industry and have your finger on the pulse of what is new and cutting edge.

Promote your Brand without Losing Engagement

When actually posting about your product or service, go for a “soft sell”. Make a joke, or ask questions about your product that the Twitterverse could respond to, and include a hashtag (#) for your product that gives people something to trend. Promote yourself occasionally – but keep it light; keeping followers interested in your Twitter posts and conversing with them as people will set them up to discover your product and become interested in what you are offering. This gravitation to your brand will happen naturally, without needing to yell in their faces like a pushy infomercial.

How to Tweet Like a Pro

A picture of someone with your product of using your service can be a good way to promote yourself without appearing too forceful. “Check out @CustomerTwitterName wearing #YourBrandProduct!”, tweeted along with a photo of your customer and their new item, promotes your brand and thanks your customer in one friendly tweet – without begging your followers to buy your product. Similar posts for services you provide will have the same effect.

Remember to keep an eye on your Twitter feed, and be sure to reply to followers when they engage with your posts, or mention you in one of their tweets. For Example, if someone tweets“@YourBrand your #YourBrandProduct is awesome, I love it!”, respond with a simple “@CustomerTwitterName, thanks for the shout out, so glad you enjoy your #YourBrandProduct.” Letting your fans know that you’re listening helps keep them interested and makes your small business appear friendly and likable.


Very few small businesses are honing their posting prowess, and really harnessing the lead-generating power of Twitter. If you can get into the swing of using Twitter effectively, it will give your business an advantage over your competitors, and an edge your customers will notice!