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What Does an Effective Marketing Program Include?

Your company's marketing should be looked at much like a recipe.  The ingredients you select all come together in a certain order and in certain amounts to create a delicious dish that is ready to be enjoyed!  Which ingredients are you using to serve your customers something they will consume?  That's where a well-defined marketing recipe [...]

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What Social Media Channels Should My Company Be Using?

Whether you’re a big business or a small business, you know that social media is a channel that needs to be taken seriously. You know that your customers are on social media every day. They are using it to stay in touch with friends, family, and learn about topics they care about. But, if you’re [...]

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Is Email Marketing Still Important for Businesses to Utilize?

“Those that shy away from email marketing because of their own perception that emails are a nuisance will fall behind their competitors who have embraced it.” –Active Demand Email marketing got a bad rep somewhere down the line and still has some business owners believing that customers, clients, and potential customers "don't care about what [...]

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Christina Brown Morrison is a multiple award-winning marketing & events professional with a passion for creating memorable experiences. Mrs. Morrison describes herself as daring, dedicated, and driven to bring corporate visions to life with a mission to help “Bring More Buzz to your Business” through social media, relationship marketing, and unforgettable event strategies!

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Twitter 101: Using the @ Symbol

The @ Symbol The @ symbol on Twitter, when not in an email address, is generally directly followed by a Twitter user’s handle.   For example: @YourCompanyName or @YourCustomer1234.  You can use it to reply to your customer (or potential customer) who may have just tweeted about your company or a product you offer. The best way to think [...]

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Twitter Etiquette 101: Tweeting Frequency

Don’t talk too much… or too little… or only about yourself. No one likes “that guy” at the party who only talks about himself - He comes off as arrogant and self important. On the other hand, that quiet guy at the party who just sits in the corner isn’t making any new friends either. [...]

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6 Reasons Why You’re Being Tuned Out on Social Media

Ever wonder if people are actually reading your status updates or tweets? Well if you’re not getting any sort of likes, comments, or shares, that’s probably an early warning sign. Or, in the case of Facebook, just check out your page's insights! (Now available for any page with more than 30 likes.) How are your [...]

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Using Your Existing Contacts to Gain More Facebook Likes & Fans

Have you just signed up for a Facebook Business Page and wondering, “How do I quickly gain more Facebook Likes and Fans”?  If you don’t have a budget for Facebook advertising or the extra funds to hire a social media management company, you’re probably looking for some free ways to quickly grow your fans on Facebook.  Here’s the good news!  You can start immediately [...]

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Twitter 101: Spelling on Twitter

When you are only given 140 characters (including spaces) to get your message across, it’s easy to be tempted to purposefully misspell words in order to save space.  Don’t do it!  Do you want to look like a tween with their first cell phone or a legitimate business? HERE ARE SOME WAYS TO KEEP YOUR [...]

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Twitter Marketing for Business

Are you using Twitter marketing for business? The world’s fourth most popular social network has announced a number of added features that will impact the way we use Twitter marketing for business, and also how marketers should leverage the network. Twitter will open a few new doors to advertisers, and has announced some new tools and features that will [...]

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